Home in 5 Advantage Program
The Home In 5 Advantage program is one of those great things that if you can take advantage of it, do!

In Maricopa County, there is FREE money available to help you invest in home ownership.

How the Home in Five Program works:
 Up to 5% of the loan amount is given to a borrower to cover their down payment and/or a portion of their closing costs.
Veterans receive up to 6 percent, since they're already eligible for 100 percent financing,
the 6 percent covers all of their closing costs and essentially they get into the home for nothing.
There is a minimum credit score requirement of 640, and your household income cannot be higher than $92,000.
The maximum sales price of the home in Maricopa County of $353,000.
You do not have to pay the money back, it is considered a grant and not a loan.